Saturday, March 1, 2008

Body Balance - Not Just Weight Loss

Nutronix International has done it again, with the NuStart Body Balance Program.

Not just a weight-loss plan, body balance means stimulating your metabolism and creating more energy, while controlling cravings and reducing your appetite.

This begins with our exclusive access to fitness professionals who specialize in personalized exercise programs and weight-loss counseling.

This way, you have your own
private and non-intimidating support system.

Plus, with our special Jump Start Pack, you can have all these items together at less than half the cost that you might have paid for each item separately.

To order, just click on NuStart Body Balance Program at this link: Nutronix International.

*You deserve it, and so does anyone whose health you care about!*

Friday, February 8, 2008

So What's In the Jump Start Pack?

Here's what you get:

*On-Line Personal Trainer System*

- and -

NuBlend Powder
- Protein Shake
NuBurn AM - Morning Metabolic Support (1)
NuBurn PM - Evening Metabolic Support (1)

- and -

NuZyme - Digestive Enzyme Formula (2)
NuCleanse - Internal Cleansing Aloe (2)
O2 pH - Alkaline Support (2)

- and -

Water Bottle - To Mix Your Alkaline Drink
Shaker Cup - To Mix Your Protein Shake
Gym Bag - For Your Supplies
Measuring Tape - Your Proof Positive
Pill Box - For your NuStart Supplements